New Pics Shot by MyCityMyLights Photography, wardrobe by Carmen Veal

I’ve been pretty busy taking care of the Powerhouse Physiques Brand! One of the elements I felt was very important to the brand was being able to display my many “Different Faces”. Even though Fitness & Wellness will always be my “Forte” I felt it was important to show that I am also talented in different areas Entertainment.  Don’t be surprised if you see me strolling down another runway, or starring in your favorite commercial because I have my hands in everything. Check out my newest pictures from photographer Aderon Mothersill of MyCityMyLights Photography ! Big S/O to Carmen Veal  for supplying the “BODYCON” dresses  from the shoot. Also a special thanks to my hair dresser Stephanie Weiss for doing my hair prior to the shoot! I’m loving my team! May I also add that the makeup, accessories, and styling was all done by ME! I must say I’m pretty talented!! lol Enjoy~



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    I saw you for the first time today .I thought you were one of the most well stacked and compre ssed ladies i have ever seen .You are a very pleasing site.Keep hanging your head high with your feet planted firmly on the planet.

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