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Try the Powerhouse Meal Guide w/ your Powerhouse Physiques DVD Series

“Hello” to all my “Curvy Fit” ladies! Many of you have or will purchase the “Full Body Curve Down” Workout DVD. In the DVD, I mentioned the best way to acheive a shapely “Powerhouse Physique” is maintaining a healthy diet. The diet regimen that I have recommended to my clients for many years has given them great success. I hope this regimen works for you and of course, if you have any questions feel free to reply to the post. In short, I wanted to give a very “BASIC” nutritional regimen that is easy for many people to follow. I also use this nutritional guide and it has given me much successs. Check it out below:

Prior to your workout, please make sure you have something to eat. Give your body at least an hour and 30 minutes to digest the food. If you are planning to eat something small try a banana, yogurt or nutri-grain bar.

Your day should consist of 1 big HEALTHY breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner (4) meals a day. You should eat every 3-4 hours.

Breakfast:Your breakfast should consist of a protein (eggs, turkey bacon/sausage) and a complex carbohydrate (fruit, whole grains & wheat, or oatmeal), if you do not have time to make a big breakfast then opt for cereal, try Fiber One, Kashi, or Special K and a fruit preferably a banana or a fruit

Lunch: Your lunch should consist of a whole wheat wrap, salad or soup, ( stay away from a ton of salt, sugar, and no mayo or cheese)

Snack: Whole grain bar, a FIST FULL of unsalted almonds, or yogurt ( a healthy snack)

Dinner: Opt for a protein (Chicken, Fish, etc and vegetables( carrots, corn, etc.) also add a green (spinach, peas, legumes, asparagus, etc)

– No white bleached or starched (Anything) Pasta, Bread, or Rice, instead incorporate Whole Grain and %100 Whole Wheat

– No heavy complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, potato) after 6pm because they take the longest to digest and tend to make losing weight a LONGER PROCESS.

– No FRIED FOODS PERIOD, instead opt for baked, sauteed, or steamed.

– No Sweets or Candy

– No Sugary drinks or soda opt for (8-12 glasses of water a day, vitamin/seltzer/sparkling water, all natural juice drinks) Artificial drinks have TONS of refined sugar.

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  1. kima

    waiting on my dvd from you sister and as I move back to ny with that walking and your help. I will be looking for my awesome melt down to be a young looking older women still young in my thirties. I’ve been coming down on my own but i need inches badly and toning. I have a very small frame so you can see I’m carrying to much weight for my body. The women that’s in your dvd workout that a little fuller tell her she is my inspiration. I have noticed her toning and she is looking awesome. Please keep up her great work . Could you some how give me her email. And for you Anowa would you give us your health update during and once your pregnancy ends. So you could be a motivator for women like myself that will have children as we get older.? THANK YOU AGAIN FOR LOVING US WOMEN AND TEACHING US TO BE CURVY YET TONED AND HEALTHY

  2. shadae sheppard

    hey anowa im new i have plans to purchase your dvd very soon, but i just wanna say you are an inspiration already and i havent even tried what i seen, lol. I believe that im too slim or skinny i want to inhance every aspect of my body…how long did it take you to build your body?

  3. mshouff

    Anowa I also wanted to know what can I do to trim the fat off my’s been a little challenging to lose the stomach fat after my hysterectomy surgery. Please help!

  4. Miss Anowa

    If you are trying to acheive optimal results during this “Curvy Fity” journey I would recommend eliminating your alcohol intake during this time

  5. Miss Anowa

    You are never too slim or skinny! Your progress depends on your dedication. I trained 3 times a week and watched my diet. I wanted to shed about 15 pounds and it took me about almost a month and a half to shed the weight!

  6. Miss Anowa

    Hello Kima,

    I will definitely reach out to Danielle (our curvy girl) to see how she would like to approach this matter. I’m sure she would love to show encouragement anyway she can. I will give my health update once I have these twin boys and let everyone know how I plan to shed the pounds.

  7. Shantel Ndiaye

    Hey Miss Anowa!!!
    I received my FBCD in the mail yesterday, previewed it today..and from what I can tell..I’m gonna LOVE it! I start Monday and have encouraged a girlfriend of mine to order it as well. My question is..what is your recommendation on doing the routine? Is this daily or every other day because of the weights? Thanks so much!


  8. Miss Anowa

    Hey Shantel,

    I’m glad you received your DVD! I recommend performing the “Full Body Curve Down” Workout Program 2-3 times a week. For faster results, shoot for 3 times! Keep us updated on your “Curvy Fit” journey!

  9. Sharnelle J

    Hi Anowa!
    I’m hitting my third week of the FBCD DVD workout!! I LOVE IT!! 2 Questions: I try to do the workout Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and I will do a cardio workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Is that a good combination or should I rest the body on Tuesdays and Thursdays? I am a workout nut!
    Second question: I look great but not quite losing like I desire; for the past two years I have been working out 6 days a week and not losing anything, but I keep going because I like the way I feel!! Help!! You are such a BLESSING!

  10. I only eat one of two meals a day, one of those meals is usually a few cups of black coffee. I just don’t enjoy eating in general. What would you suggest for someone like me who while a size 22 just doesn’t want to be bothered with eating?

  11. Patrice

    Thank you for the nutritional information, but I have one question. No sweets ever, ever, ever. How in the world do I accomplish that. I do like to have some red velvet cake, popcorn, and butter pecan ice cream every now and then. How do I balance that into my nutrition lifestyle.

    Thanks in advance,


  12. Miss Anowa,

    I recently brought your curve down video. I have big hips and butt .I’m not sure if it’s me but do you think doing a lot of squats make the butt smaller ( which I do not prefer).

  13. Miss Anowa

    Hello Gladys,

    Squats lift and tone your butt, which gives it a perkier appearance. If you have a big butt and hips you can never go wrong by doing squats. TRUST ME!!

  14. Miss Anowa

    Hello Patricia,

    The key to balancing nutriton is “moderation and proportion” a small slice of red velvet cake and a cup of popcorn won’t hurt you. However, a “whole” red velvet cake and “bucket” of popcorn will take you a few steps back from reaching your goal!


  15. Miss Anowa

    Hello N’jaila,

    Sorry for the delay! No way!! You HAVE to eat atleast 5-6 proportioned meals to build metabolism and lose calories! 2 meals a day with black coffee will slow down your metabolism and pack on the pounds. Check out my post on the “Powerhouse Meal Plan”! It will help you towards your goal!

  16. Miss Anowa

    Hello Sharnelle, THANK YOU! So far everything sounds good, however you have to make sure your diet is on track! I’m not sure how your nutrional regimen is but I would recommend checking out our post on the “Powerhouse Nutritional Regimen” to get you on your way! It sounds like your meal might be prohibiting you from acheiving optimal results!


  17. Miss Anowa

    Hello Venus,

    Check back with us January 2013! We will be able to give you an idea on when the next set of Powerhouse classes will be offered.

  18. LaNise

    Will you make this video available to download in itunes or anywhere online? I would love to download it so I can play it on my Ipad.


  19. Miss Anowa

    Yes Nasara! We ship internationally to some Caribbean countries. Where are you located?

  20. Miss Anowa,

    I haven’t bought your workout DVD yet, but I would like to know if it is knee friendly? I have knee problems because of my weight. When I perform squats and lunges, my knees hurt so bad afterwards that I can barely walk up the steps.
    Are there any other ways to work my butt and thighs without doing squats and lunges?

  21. Miss Anowa

    Hello Tia, I will have a Youtube video that targets individuals with knee issues that want to build their lower body watch out for it!

  22. Star

    No question for you Miss Anowa

    Just want to Thank you for motivating me and being the powerhouse that u are!! Your shape is my target and I will be ordering this DVD TODAY!! I’ve been following your YouTube and its time to turn up!!!

    Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy

  23. Asari

    Hi Miss Anowa,

    Being Nigerian do you have any meal suggestions or adaptions that incorporate more of the foods that we eat on a regular basis.

    thank you!

  24. Theresa Denson

    Hello Anowa,

    Like the woman above I have knee problems as well. I am 39 years old and I had hip surgery on both my hips in 7th and 8th grade. I think that is why I have problems with my knee. I am also very curvy, small waist and big hips. But I have put on 20 or so unwanted pounds. I am 5’1 and I currently weigh 170. My idea weight is 150 but even walking on the treadmill bothers me. I already purchased the FBCD video but I have done the workout yet because I wanted to make sure its knee friendly. By the way, congratulations, you look great.


  25. Niaja

    I just brought the DVD today. I can’t wait till I get it. I have tried everything to loss weight. I hope this DVD is the answer.

    Miss Anowa I have followed you for a while now. You are great at what you do. Even after you had your twins you loss 40lbs and got your body back to how it was before the twins. AMAZING

    So thank you for the push.

  26. Nasara

    Hi Anowa,

    Sorry for the late response, just started reading the comments and realized that I messaged you. lol…I’m in St. Kitts but the question was really centered at if I can used my debit card to order the DVD, I already ordered it and had it shipped to my US address box have not received it yet tho…thanks..oh and when is the other DVD due. I want all of your workouts and also I’m a vegan and would like to know if you recommend the things that I use to substitute protein like beans, tofu, and quinoa?

  27. Miss Anowa

    Do you have your order information so that we can verify your shipment. We track all packages.

  28. lissa

    Hello Ms. Anowa
    I am 35 years old, 245 ibs and diabetic. I need to lose the weight asap. I’m motivated mentally but not physically. I will buy your dvd soon. Hope all works well for me and thank you for the motivation and me discovering your page.

  29. Dija

    I don’t have a problem with changing my eating habits. I think that I have grown tired of all that greasy mess. But I want to know what workout regimen you have to lower the inches on your waistline?

  30. Renee

    Hi Anowa,

    You are an inspiration!!! You are gorgeous too!! I just ordered your dvds today and I am so excited about them coming. I have thunder thighs that I am trying to get toned because I am noticing some dimpling and I am not happy about that!! Thanks so much for making these videos. If all goes well (on my end referring to actually keeping up with the regimen) I will send you pics. Thanks again!

  31. Christina

    Hello ANOWA,

    I LOVE, LOVE your body!!! I’m currently trying to figure out ways to get rid of my belly fat. I workout pretty much everyday and I eat right, it just seems that the belly fat just wants to stay there. I eat a healthy breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner and I drink lots of water. What can I do to get rid of this belly. I am planning getting this DVD soon. Any info you can give me would be great.


  32. Miss Anowa

    Full Body Curve Down plenty of cardio and additonal ab exercises for optimal results.

  33. Arlaina

    Hello Ms. Anowa,

    Today is the start of the beginning of my curvy and fit journey. I purchased my FBCD DVD today. I am 30 years old, 5’9″, and 365 pounds. I have been heavy all my life. Seeing you at 200 pounds made me see myself differently. I know I can push to achieve the health and physique that I’ve dreamt of, even at my size. You are an inspiration. I look forward to updating with pictures of my progress.

    God bless

  34. Myra

    Hi Miss Anowa,

    I have been following you on FB (lol) and you look great. I am currently 221lbs. After two kids, I am ready to tone and lose this gut. I never been the one to want to be very small, I actually like being a size 14, but I want to feel comfortable with my body. I will be ordering the DVD soon and looking forward to the results, If I could only give up the late night eating and chocolate, I will be fine. 🙂

  35. Miss Anowa

    Hello Myra,

    Good luck on your “curvyfit” journey! Be persistent and strong!!

  36. Valaire

    Miss Anowa, I will be purchasing both videos soon! You are a lovely inspiration for many women of all sizes, thank you for doing you and sharing it with us! I do have a question though, I’m one of the slimmer women and we always talk about how to lose, but is it possible to gain and maintain a curvaceous figure such as yours? I’ve been slim all my life, only got thicker once and I loved my fuller figured body! But it had been obtained in an unhealthy way and I have since unwillingly lost the weight and haven’t been able to get it back…any suggestions?

  37. Miss Anowa

    Yes there are definitely healty ways to put on more weight. Are you interested in nutrional consultation or tips?

  38. Valaire

    Yes! I most certainly am, how are the twins? Congrats n you look great! I know it’s late, but better late than never right?

  39. Vonnie

    I just ordred the dvds for my girlfriend and I! We are both excited about the impending transformation! I’m claiming it right now! Gonna start working on my eating,while I TRY to wait patiently for the arrival of the DVDs!

    BTW you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gift to myself when I lose this weight is to chop off my hair and embrace my grown up self! I’ve hidden behind my “hair/weaves/wigs/braids” for years to deflect from my body. .So I can’t wait to be totally free to be ME!

  40. Miss Anowa

    Thank you Vonnie!! I can’t wait to see your transformation and your new do!! This is definitely the perfect series for you and it will get you to your #CurvyFit body in no time!!

  41. Chantell Alexander

    Hi Anowa, I first saw you on my Facebook and was like wow we’re around the same weight but she’s soooo toned. I was like oh my god both of us have thick thighs lol! But I definitely can you a tone up! You are such a inspiration and I order your DVDs today and I am so amped to get started!

  42. Miss Anowa

    Thank you Chantell! I appreciate the love and support and glad you found inspiration to get #CurvyFit through my journey. Stay Poised, Productive and Postive! Be Blessed

  43. Velly

    Hi! Do i need any other equipment for the dvd? (Weights,etc) Also i am corset waist training, can i wear my corset while doing this workout?

  44. Miss Anowa

    Hello Velly,

    You should have no problem performing these exercises with your waist trainer. It is all a matter of preference.

  45. Felecia Arsmtrong

    Miss Anowa, I just received my DVD’s and can’t wait to get started; however, I am on the smaller side and would like to gain weight. Any suggestions?

  46. Miss Anowa

    Hello Felecia, that is contingent upon your diet which would require nutritional counseling which we offer.

  47. Denia

    I agree with Felicia Armstrong, I am 5’10, 193lbs. I’m trying to loose only stomach & not anything else. I’m exercising but hit a plateau. I’m curious about your meal plan. Do you incorporate protein shakes and smoothies in your meal plan? I want to keep my weight but maintain more muscle and loose the stomach. I’m almost ready to do the surgery if all else prevail. I bought your DVDs and I’m trying your meal plan but can you be a lil more thorough.

  48. LaKisha

    Hello Ms. Anowa,

    Is Crystal Light added to my spring water OK? I noticed you say no autificial drinks…I want to stick to this plan as close as possible. Thanks so much!

  49. Miss Anowa

    Good Day LaKisha,

    I am not a huge fan of Crystal Light because it contains a ton of artificial sweetners which is not good for your body.

  50. Miss Anowa

    Hello Felecia, this meal plan is merely a guide to help you stay on track. In response to your question. Protein shakes are good however I would be a bit meticulous about the kind of complex carbs you are adding to your shake in addition to the dairy .

  51. Shonda

    I work at night as a traveling phlebotomist and it seems that I can not control my appitite. I seem to not get full or satisfied on some of the better food choices. What can I do to curve my muchies…

  52. Kimberly Barnes

    OMG I can’t believe I seen someone body that looks actually like mines about having twins. So my question is I had my beautiful divas on 3/28/13 and my stomach looks just like yours. These girls loan me up. But I used that braces they give you at the hospital but I wasn’t using it everyday. So now they are 9 mos is it too late to start working out. Since I seen someone looking like me after twins I’m ready to do it because I see the results.

  53. Ebony

    I love how you are a healthy woman with curves. I am about 5’9” and i weigh about 277. i would like to lose about 77lbs or more. i am so encouraged by you. i also have a question i was reading your meal plan do you only make wraps for lunch? and for dinner i usually cook in my slow cook (aka lifesaver) does my chicken have to be plain or can i continue to use life saver i mean slow cooker recipes? AAAANNNDDD follow me on instagram @ladyfitch please and thank you.

  54. Isis


    A Coworker forwarded this page to me and I am excited! I have already shed some pounds but I think with a better food plan I can amp this up. Thank you for laying out a guide for meals. My issue is not really knowing what I should be eating. Could you give me some ideas on what I can put inside my whole wheat wrap? I grill my chicken breast on a Forman grill and cut it up but other than lettuce or raw spinach, what else can I put on the wrap? Salsa? Pickles? Thank you so much for all the information that you have already shared. Miracles and Blessings.

  55. Chloe Smith

    I wanted to know how I should adjust my diet in relation to my work schedule. I work nights 11pm-7am on a rotating schedule. I also have a previous knee injury and wanted to know workouts specifically for strengthening the knee.

  56. Danielle

    I’m 6’0 and 275 pounds. I’m so inspired by you! I received my dvd’s in the mail and I’m so excited to start actually I start tomorrow morning. I do have a knee problem but I’m going to push through it. I will send you before and after pics in 30 days. Thank you for the inspiration!

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