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Natural Ginger Lemon Cleanse

Hey Powerhouses, I’ve been asked many times if I cleanse my system. The answer is “Yes”, however I don’t use anything harsh or abrasive. I use an all naturl Ginger Root and Lemon Cleanse which helps keep my system clean and refreshed. It’s 100% safe and effective with no harsh effects.There is no science to this recipe so you shouldn’t have any problems creating it. It only takes about 15 minutes and you can save the Ginger Root Cleanse up to a week. I drink this twice a day with a dash of honey before my breakfast and dinner. Let me know how it works for you.

Ginger Root Lemon Cleanse Ingredients (2 cups)

1/4 lemon
2 1/2 ginger root
Teaspoon honey
1 glass of hot water

*Boil 4 quarts of water. Slice the ginger root in 15 separate oval pieces then add to boiling hot water. Turn of the light and allow ginger to soak for 30 minute. Once the ginger is soaked pour a glass of the ginger root cleanse into a glass or heat proof container then add lemon and a teaspoon of honey into your glass. You are all done.

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  1. Roland Blackford

    Anowa, it is clear that you are committed to becoming the driving force behind curvier women in relation to fitness. I am very proud of you, and continue to wish you the very best as you devote your energy and life to creating a better world! YEA, for ANOWA!

  2. Damita Jones

    Anowa, is this just an everyday process or do you only cleanse for a certain amounr of time ?

  3. Definitely trying this DVD and this cleanse! Thanks for the info … I am really looking to keep/maintain my curves. And really shape up my body through a full re-structure of my current lifestyle.

  4. Miss Anowa

    Hey Damita, I use this almost everyday! It’s not abravise, just something simple to keep your system clean each day!

  5. Mr Cruz

    I ran into your website off of google, I just googled you up because i love watching ur videos on youtube and since im a youtuber…I would like it if you could make a quick video on this recipe. I think this would be a great recipe for my wife and for me too. Thank you

  6. Damita Jones

    Hi Anowa ! Thanks for responding. I have tried your “Natural Ginger Lemon Cleanse” & I just wanna say it was delicious ! Well, to me anyway. . . ;~)

  7. Faith J.

    I was wondering if you are using a fresh lemon or lemon juice to add to the ginger root?

  8. Alnettia

    I was wondering if your video is only for curvy women? I am 6’2 and although i appear slim, I would like to lose 20 lbs BUT keep the extra weight in the right places… Will this help?

  9. Cynthia Harris

    Hi Anowa,
    I have your 1st DVD and just order the 2nd one. Thank you so much for making these for us curvy women. I would like to know what I can do to get rid of my bat wings? My arms are extremely large and I never wear a blouse above my elbow!!! Please give me some solutions.

  10. Miss Anowa

    Cardio with chest,back,and arm exercises. Make sure you are utilizing a clean healthy diet as well.

  11. Christina

    Hello ANOWA,

    I want to try this. I just need to know is it 1/4 tsp, tbs, or cup of lemon? 2 1/2 cup, tsp, or tbs of ginger root?

  12. chassidy

    Hello Miss Anowa you said u can save it for a week do u leave the Ginger root in there or remove it

  13. Sha


    Does this cleanse aid in weight loss as well or solely to keep your digestive system clean?

  14. Miss Anowa

    Hello Sha,

    It will definitely help in cleansing the digestive system which will help in weight loss.

  15. Talitha

    I’ve just came across you on facebook and check your web page out. I to am a 5″3 women who weighed 254lbs, and now I’m a 196. I’m very interested in your dvd’s . How do I purchase them. I also to work out at the gym working on cardio, as well as zumba and piloxing. But I’m always looking to tried things different as well. I to have these birds arm from from the weight I’ve lost , and would like some tips on exercise for my arms, also toning. I would appreciate it. And keep doing what your doing , your an inspiration to me.

  16. Miss Anowa

    Hello Talitha,

    You can click on the “DVD Series” tab on my homepage and it will direct you to the DVD information and payment options.

  17. Sophia

    I just purchased your DVD and I’m excited to find a trainer that isn’t super
    i think while I’m waiting for my DVD to come in the mail, I’ll start with the cleanse.
    I’m eager to try to cleanse also, simply because alot of my weight is in the “middle”, so this cleanse might just help alot. “THANKS A BUNCH” and I look forward to posting my six pack in a month or two (( smile ))

  18. Cherelle

    Definitely plan on trying this cleanse. How much of the cleanse should I be drinking at each meal and in between those times do you store it in the fridge and reheat?

  19. Miss Anowa

    Hello Cherelle,

    Since this is a gentle cleanse you can drink it as many times as you would like. I suggest drinking your cleanse before each of your meals and its ok to store for about 5 days.

  20. Christina Rebers

    I will be purchasing these videos soon along with cleansing!!!…Quick question…does the videos help target arms??? My biggest problem 🙁

  21. Demi

    This cleanse is awesome! I’m interested in waist training, which bran/type of waist clinchers, would you recommend? I don’t have any kids just want to make it smaller, would it still work?

  22. Miss Anowa

    Thank you Demi!! It will still benefit a great deal whether you have children or not. I purchased my waist trainers from an online distributor. You can also purchase a “latex waist cincher” from

  23. Veronica

    Well, I have tried everything from pills to etc and Im still not happy with my weight .I’m 40 and 5″6, about 160-168lbs last I checked lol…I really just want to be healthy and pleased with me.Im not looking to be 21 in size but sexy at 40…..I just puchased the two dvd’s and ready to give this a try I love cardio,,,In this trianing how soon will I see results in a tone way and what must I do to start now before my DVD come Im so ready..I do believe this is a healthy way I have friends thats doing the quick fix but I want to do it right ,,Hope it works. you look great by the way. please help

  24. Miss Anowa

    The plan on how best to use the Powerhouse DVDs can be found here. You can pair the use of the DVD with the meal plan suggestions here for optimal results. Welcome to the Curvy Fit Family!
    -The Powerhouse Team

  25. condillous

    i want to make it for the week. how much do i use.and i stay bloted a lot what is the best thing i can eat or take for a reg bowl release thats not harsh ..thanks and God Bless

  26. Name

    I just don’t get this cleanse recipe. The ingredients says 2 cups yet the directions says boil 4 quarts. Does that mean I am multiply everything thing by 8? L&C

  27. Bella

    Hi, I am a 53 year old woman and I was wondering if your videos would be something I could do? I am not fit, but I am trying to improve my life, mind, body and spirit. I would love to use your videos to begin my fitness routine, but I was concerned that it may be too advanced for me. I weigh 198lbs, but its not muscle 🙂

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