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Purchase “Plyometric Pump” & “Full Body Curve Down”

We are proud to announce the follow-up to the “Full Body Curve Down” Workout DVD, “Plyometric Pump”! Grab “Plyometric Pump” or the “Full Body Curve Down” Workout DVD today! Follow us on IG to get first hand looks and stories on numerous women who have used our Workout DVD series and experienced life-changing results! Purchase your DVD Today!!

Buy it now—> Powerhouse Physiques Workout DVD Series

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  1. Lynn

    Hello ,
    I have just ordered both of your DVD’s and i have a question. Is there any “keep the butt” technique on the DVD’s ? I am a jogging beginner and am currently jogging 3-5 miles 3-5 times a week, and I am begining to lose my curves. Do you recomend jogging in combination with your work out?

  2. Miss Anowa

    Hello Lynn there is nothing wrong with running however while doing these particular sets of DVDs ,to emphasize toning/sculpting, I would limit it to about 3 times a week and 1-2 miles. Let me know how that works for you. I just want you to see the major difference when you incorporate this particular techniques.

  3. Phyre


    I love my current weight but would like to firm up my butt and thighs, and tighten my tummy. Which of these videos should I purchase?



  4. Miss Anowa

    Hello Phyre both videos are great for what you are looking for. You can start off with FBCD then transition to PP!

  5. Kiki

    Hello Anowa , Should I alternate the videos on different days. I know in your FBCD video, you stated to use the video about 4x times a week, should I also use the Plyometric Pump on different days. Or Should I stick with FBCD and then advance myself to the Plyometric Pump.

  6. Miss Anowa

    Its all about personal preference. However if you want to create “muscle confusion” which will help you to burn twice as many calories I would do FBCD 2-3 times a week and Plyometric Pump 1-2 times a week. This combination of exercise programs will make it harder for your body to adjust and thus making it difficult to plateau.

  7. brayanna moon

    Hello. I will need starting your dvd but I’m wondering do use both dvd everyday or alternate?

  8. Miss Anowa

    Hello Brayanna, alternate between each DVD. Some people do “Full Body Curve Down” 2-3 times a week and “Plyometric Pump” 1 to 2 times a week.

  9. Nichol

    I’m ordering the full body DVD and was wondering where could purchase the calorie watch and as well as any others fitness items I may need?

  10. Miss Anowa

    Hello Nichol, if you are interested in purchasing the Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch it is available on Amazon, Ebay and a number of other sites. You can purchase it a cheaper rate utilizing the sites I provided.

  11. Halimah Fatma

    Hi miss Anowa
    Did you tell me the best DVD to buy is the PP and FBCD to tone my flabby arms and my belly ?
    I can’t find site well to do purchase on line.
    Please help! !!

  12. Nkabzin

    Miss Anowa

    Hello, I would like to know if you do ship to South Africa and the costs.

  13. Keisha Toms

    Good morning, Miss Anowa
    I would like to purchase the dvd to keep my butt but get rid of my tummy. Im also interested in where to buy that workout belt that u wear. Please advise

  14. Miss Anowa

    Good Day Keisha, “Lose the Gutt, Keep the Butt” will not be available till the Spring of 2014. You can actually purchase a waist cincher on

  15. Hi!
    I’m 19 years old, always had problems weight going up and down! My stomach is my main problem – i don’t want
    To lose my boobs and bum! I wear UK size 16 but
    Want to be a healthy 12 dress size
    – i would like my stomach to be flat for once! Please can you kindly recommend the best work out DVD to buy? /any hints and tips?! Cheers, Kathryn

  16. Miss Anowa

    Full Body Curve Down will be your best bet. It targets the entire body and focuses on sculpting, lifting and toning.

  17. Letear Charley

    My current weight is 188 and I’m standing at 5’2″. Of course according to some (Medical Professionals) I am considered obese. I agree that I do need to lose some weight (roughly 20lbs), not because they said so but because I want to do it for myself.

    Anyways, I have just ordered both DVDs and so very excited. I’ve been reading your advice on how to use both and to let the body rest. My real challenge I believe will be the eating healthy so please wish me luck:)

  18. Angela martin

    Is it possible to focus on my stomach? I would like to tone everywhere but my stomach isy biggest problem…. Which one of your DVDs do you suggest… And is loose the gut and keep the bit available…. I have your other one pylo and full body

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