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The proof is in the pictures “Full Body Curve Down” Works!!!If you are ready to get your body tight, toned and “curved down” purchase Full Body Curve Down and try our Powerhouse Meal Plan. Our Workout Program has been composed for women 300-plus pounds on down! We don’t discriminate when it comes to getting fit! Women of all shapes and sizes all over the US and the world have jumped on the “Full Body Curve Down” Challenge now its your turn!! We challenge you to do FBCD for 3 or more days for 1 month (30 days) in conjunction with the Powerhouse Meal Plan. Take a “Before” front shot and “Side” shot before you being the 30-day challenge then after you’ve completed it. Then share your results with us via or any of our social networks:,, “Full Body Curve Down” NOW!!
Try our Powerhouse Meal Plan!

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  • By Alexa - on

    Hi!! I just bought your DVD yesterday and I’m interested in joining in on the 30 day challenge. How long is shipping? (I’m in Atlanta.) Also, what’s the plan for the 30 day challenge? Is it working out every day for 30 days or doing the work out 3 days a week for 30 days? I’m excited to start this!

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    You are doing the DVD for 3 days or more for 1 month (30 days) in conjunction with the Powerhouse Meal Plan.

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Jeanine you are doing the FBCD for 3 or more days for (1 month/30 days) with the Powerhouse Meal Plan

  • By Chelle - on

    Hi! Do you send out a tracking number once the dvds ship? I ordered on 7/11 but didn’t get a confirmation email so just curious.

    I am excited! Thanks!

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Chelle,

    Sorry about that we are trying to work with Paypal to add a feature which provides shipping information upon completion of payment. Otherwise, we will have to continue emailing people individually with their shipping information upon request. All orders have gone out from July 11th-15th. Please email us your full name so we can make sure. Orders take 3-5 days to ship.

  • By Carolyn - on

    Hi been looking for price of the DVDs guess I am over looking would like to try the 30 day plan .

  • By Yolanda Mew - on

    I’m going to try this challenge. I’m 5’5 170lbs. I want to get down to about 155-160lbs. I will see how I look when i get down to 160lbs then decide if I want to lose more. I want to tone up also. I have what some people call thunder thighs…lol. I want to keep them but tone them up. I have the dvd so I’m going to do a run thru on Friday. (I usually wimp out on dvds over 30 mins…lol) I’m going to officially start on Sunday. Wish me luck!!

  • By Bianca Redd - on

    I completed the entire dvd and only struggled with the burpies!!! Was very proud of myself. Im on the 30 day challenge!!! WIll post 9/29/13!!!

  • By JaNae - on

    Just ordered both dvd’s today and I cant wait to receive them. I am so excited to try them so I can keep my curves and lose my stomach. I am 5’3.5″ and 177 lbs and would like to lose about 17 lbs.

  • By Angela - on

    I just ordered both DVD’s via paypal this morning and I am super excited about beginning. I have about 30 more lbs to lose (i’ll gauge that as I go. already dropped 40) but I want to remain curvy and look fit. I don’t care for skinny. I have a pear shape/ hourglass shape or which ever one, lol. So that means that i’m smaller up top and thick on bottom which is a beautiful thing. And i’m just glad that there is someone like you in the world that can acknowledge that an inspire others like me to maintain what we have while getting toned, fit and healthy.

  • By Quish - on

    Hi! I ordered your FBCD DVD before I went on a month long trip and will return soon! I plan on starting my 30 DAY challenge 9/22….I have written down my workout plan for the next 30 days and WILL COMMIT to working 4x’s a week!!! I am super EXCITED and can’t wait to see my results!!!

    Thank you for caring about us curvy women!

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Peace,

    We have shipped to Zimbabwe a few times. Make your purchase using Paypal and it will take care of all the rest.

  • By Tracy - on

    Help me decide which to buy. I’m 275 lbs and have av serious beer gut or pear shape. Which Dvd do you recommend?

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Since you are starting off I would suggest purchasing “Full Body Curve Down”. The exercises have been modified for women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

  • By Tracey Maxwell - on


    I’m overseas (Afghanistan), just purchased the combo $30 how long will it take to ship to APO address.

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Tracey,

    Your order should still take 3-5 business days to ship to your APO Address.

  • By Leslie - on

    Hi Miss Anowa! I love what I’ve read about your program. How much can a person expect to lose doing the 30 day challenge and PowerHouse Meal Plan? What do you recommend as a follow up after the 30 day challenge?

  • By Marsha - on

    Hello Anowa

    I’m just now seeing your info, on facebook. very intertested in your complete workout DVDs. I see that you have a waist shaper. Is that something you recommend and if so how offen should it be worn?

    Thanks in advance

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Marsha,

    I enjoy my waist shaper however it is all about personal preference. You might find it good or you might find it uncomfortable.It depends on you and your tolerance level. I enjoy mine and it has done wonders for me post-birth. I wear mine 8-12 hours a day.

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    That depends on you and how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate towards the Powerhouse Physiques DVD program. One thing for sure, you will shed pounds, tone and drop sizes if you commit yourself to the program.

  • By Doris Hayes - on

    Hello,Miss Anowa.

    I would like to know where did u buy your waist shaper so that helps flattens your belly and how much so I can get one myself.


  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Hello Doris, I bought my waist shaper from a few online distributors. They are everywhere but you have to get the right one. Make sure you purchase a latex waist cincher. They are also available on

  • By Leslie - on

    I can’t seem to figure out how to download the meal plan and workout plan. I did put it in my cart.

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