Michael Letterlough Photoshoot…9-months post twins!!!

I have to say that shooting with celebrity- renowned  photographer Michael Letterlough was absolutely awesome! Going into the shoot I was a bit apprehensive and insecure because it was my first photoshoot after having twins.  Though there were some areas that still needed tweeking still  I felt pretty content with the way things went. Letterlough is not only a wonderful photographer he is also a fellow Temple University alumni which made the event even sweeter. I’m still working on getting my 6-pack back but Im doing pretty well considering my twins are less than a year old. I hope these photos give my #CurvyFitQueens some inspiration! Hard work definitely pays off! If you are interested in hiring a top photographer for your next photoshoot Michael Letterlough is definintely the guy! This will be one of many photoshoots with Letterlough! www.michaelletterlough.com


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  • By Christopher j. DeVille - on

    You have been putting in work and am loving the results, I want to send my love Xoxoxo to you and encourage you to keep doing what you do, you are such a inspiration to me and so many people, I love you, and I just love the movement….Xoxoxo

  • By Michael Letterlough, Jr. - on

    Anowa, you are incredible! First, thank you so much for even promoting me in this way, it was VERY gracious and sweet of you to do! And secondly, I am so proud of everything you’re doing to help women become more comfortable in “the skin their in” while putting that extra little emphasis on complete health and fitness. I appreciate this and am so humbled by your compliments (“celebrity-renowned…” lol). We will meet each other at the top, just save a date for our party on the yacht! 🙂

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    No problem Michael! I truly appreciate your talent and have no problem letting the world know. You are doing amazing things and your accomplishment is even more special because I know where you started. This journey is just beginning and I can’t wait to meet you at the top. Yes a yacht party with champagne is my type of party! lol xoxoxo

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