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Mommies Unite (How I got my body back after the baby)

Before we begin I would like to note that these tips are merely a guide to assist you towards a flatter  more appealing stomach after pregnancy. Results may vary and consistency is the key to success! I am a fitness professional but also a realist and will be as honest and factual as I can possibly be. If you’ve had a c-section or a really large baby these tips will be priceless, however if you’ve had neither of the 2 then you are already ahead of the game. If you have the diastastis recti then you will need a modification of the proper abdominal/core exercises. Without further delay here are your 13 most important Powerhouse Post-Baby Belly Tips:

1. If  you follow my #curvyfit journey then you are aware that I’m a huge advocate of the “waist cincher” and “abdominal binder”. First the abdominal binder/waist cincher will help shrink your uterus back to normal size and quicken the healing process for your abdominal muscles and core. In addition, the garment also helps improve   your posture/lower back which can weaken after carrying a baby. Also keep in mind that I wore my waist cincher/girdle/abdominal binder for 8-12 hours at a time after having my child. I received my first abdominal binder in the hospital after giving birth. There are also some great ones specifically for c-section incisions online.


2. A great way to attack 2 problem areas at once is to actually dress your stomach area with a base before wearing your abdominal binder/waist cincher! I used Bio-Oil ( You can purchase this product at most drugstores, target, and walmart) and Mederma for stretch marks as a base . Unfortunately after carrying twin boys and my stomach stretching from 27  to 55  inches with an outstanding amount of weight gain in my last trimester of pregnancy, I was left with some stretch marks by my hips and lower abdominal area.  However I will attest that I used Bio-Oil religiously throughout my pregnancy and it definitely made a difference in my recovery. Most of my stretch marks have faded away or are very faint. I swear I should be the Bio-Oil Spokesperson! lol I applied the Bio-Oil over my entire stomach,hips, and upper thighs twice a day!

3.  As soon as I got home from the hospital I invested in black soap or cocoa butter soap which I solely used on my stomach area to shed away all the dead skin. I also used a sugar scrub about twice a week to aid in shedding away the mask of pregnancy aka black skin. I NEVER used the scrub over my incision.

4. I made sure I gave my body plenty of recovery time before I stepped back in the gym. For vaginal deliveries, the doctors usually recommends 6 weeks and for c-sections 8 weeks. Since I had a c-section I decided to wait 9 weeks before I started training.  It can take  6-12 months  for the incision to properly heal so its very important to ease your way into the gym.

5. I cut out all my heavy carbs (breads, pasta, rice, etc.) after 6pm. Its important to give your body atleast 2 hours to properly digest your food before you go to bed. Heavy carbs take the body a lot longer to break down and digest. Check out my Powerhouse Meal Guide for more assistance.

6. Since I was breast feeding 2 babies for the first 6 months with supplement it was very difficult for me to detox because I needed to sustain enough calories to provide my twins with the proper nutrition.  Instead, what I chose to do was a natural ginger lemon cleanse with organic ginger and lemon. This cleanse is gentle enough to be used twice a day before your meals. The ginger aids in easier digestion which promotes a healthier digestive system.

7. Cardio is key! I would have loved to run in the beginning but my increased weight gain post-pregnancy was too much stress on my knees. I chose to do a lot of speed walking on the treadmill with a moderate to high incline. I practiced interval training on the treadmill in conjunction with increasing the incline every 1-2 min. I also wore an abdominal binder while I  did cardio to help strengthen and tighten the core at the same time. After I shed about 15 pounds then I started to run on the treadmill and outdoors when the weather was suffice.

8. I trained whenever I could! Whether it was early in the morning at the gym  or late at night at home, I always found time to train. Listen, my twin boys dictated my training schedule therefore I trained 2-4 times a week 30-60 min some days. It was very challenging and some days I fell off the wagon because of exhaustion but I always got back up! This journey isn’t easy and you will find yourself dead tired many days but you have to push your way through it. I did my #FullBodyCurveDown routine religiously!

9. I had a strong core prior to pregnancy so I was able to start minimal abdominal exercise 11 weeks post-birth. The only way you can find out which abdominal exercise will be comfortable is to try. I started off with planks! When I performed my first plank I felt like I was starting from scratch, my core was extremely weak!  I started at 30 sec ,and in due time, then increased to 60 sec to 2 min.  I stayed away from crunches in the first 3-4 months because I had hernia and slight separation of my rectus abdominis muscle aka (diastasis recti). Most women who’ve had c-sections, multiple births, and large babies have some variations of diastasis recti. I wanted to give my abdominal muscles plenty of time to heal.The abdominal binder was extremely critical in this particular circumstance. You can speak to any medical professional and they will agree. I will show some of the exercises you can do to improve this area in a future post.


10. While you are performing #FullBodyCurveDown and #PlyometricPump also throw in the #Powerhouse Ab Routines which I’ve posted numerous times on my Instagram/AnowaAdjah, and I have also posted some great videos on those sites as well! Also check out my #PowerhouseMealGuide which will do wonders for your nutritional regimen.

11. The Key to this entire post is to be extremely dedicated and consistent! This will not be easy and I assure that your patience will be tested but the reward will feel so much better! Remember this post is a guide and results may vary by individual !

12. You do not need to have a baby and it doesn’t matter how old your children are, this post will help you a great deal!

13. Check out my post on “How to use the #PowerhousePhysiques Workout DVD to maximize results! This post will help you get the best #curvyfit body you can possibly get  with your DVDs!


(#CurvyFitQueens Please email me at with progress pics and updates! I would love to hear from you! Good luck and God Bless!!





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  1. Cassandra Owens

    Thanks for these tips. I am 5 months away from giving birth and am already searching for tips on how to snap my body back into shape. My core has always been weak and since this is my 3rd child I want to make sure that I stay fit going forward. You have given great tips and look forward to getting on board with the Curvy Fit Workout.

  2. Christina Shell

    This is great! I had twins in September and have been trying to find a good way to get back in shape.

  3. Denise Harris


    I wanted to know if this will still work if u do not have a strong core before. I had ac section and my son just turned 4..
    long story short I’m starting late in the game. IM 5’1 and I am well 219 is this a good place to start

  4. Amanda

    Awesome!! I found you via Maria Kang’s recommendation. One of the first posts I saw was about wearing a waist cincher. I’ve been wearing it for less than a week and already can tell a difference in the shape of my abdomen! It also helps me sooo much when I’m working out! Before, it was hard to do a lot of plyo/jumping due to the weight of my tummy, despite being pretty fit and having decent core strength (4 months of exercise). Can’t wait to see more results from cinching! Before my last baby, I got to a pretty good weight, but my belly was still lumpy and gross. After spending forever on Instagram looking at pix, I’m pretty positive that cinching is really going to help!

  5. Miss Anowa

    You can actually purchase a latex waist cincher on Amazon or a number of other online distributors.

  6. Miss Anowa

    Good Day Neeka, I actually received my waist cinchers from a number of places. Amazon sells some great ones as well.

  7. Christina

    I recently had twins in September and it seems so hard to get the core section back in order. Besides the workout, what other suggestions do you have?

  8. Miss Anowa

    Hey Christina, your diet is especially important. Check out my Powerhouse Meal guide which will give you some great insight!

  9. Ianna

    Hey Anowa,

    I am following you on ig and so look up to you. I recently have birth to twin boys on 11-26-13 via c-section. The have me a belly binder but It was uncomfortable so today I went out and purchased a waist cincher along with bio oil so I’m hoping to see some results! I thank god for allowing me to be able to relate to a woman like you, I didn’t think there was any hope in trying to get my body back but thanks to you I now realize there is hope it just takes time!

  10. kimyetta Jackson

    Hi my name is Kimyetta I had a baby August 2010 and since then my weight has been up and down. Since I’ve been out of work I gained my baby weight bck 200lbs and I was diagnosed with diabetes but I believe I have it under control! I also had a c-section with all 3 of my boys but he was the biggest! And I can’t seem to get my self bck together ….please help

  11. Miss Anowa

    Full Body Curve Down is a great weight loss option and available for purchase here. The plan on how best to use it can be found here. You can pair the use of the DVD with the meal plan suggestions here for optimal results.
    -The Powerhouse Team

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