Fitness Professional, Influencer, Entrepreneur, and mother, Anowa has solidified herself as well-respected innovator in her field. Enewan Adjah, better known as Anowa, was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York to Nigerian immigrants.  In an effort to provide a better life for her 2 sisters and brother, her parents later relocated to Piscataway, New Jersey. The transition from the inner city to suburbia proved to be quite difficult for Adjah. As a young adolescent with a dramatic growth spurt and muscular build, Anowa became a victim of bullying. As a result, Anowa experienced bouts of low self-esteem and depression. She turned to sports as an outlet and excelled.

After graduating high school Anowa attended Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. Deviating from her previous aspirations of working in a public relations firm, Anowa embarked on a journey towards becoming a Fitness model. Unfortunately her dreams were immediately dismissed by Fitness agencies that informed Adjah that she did not have the appropriate body structure to model.  After several failed attempts to break into the Fitness industry Anowa stepped out on her own began releasing workout videos online. Due to Anowa’s stellar athletic ability and her unique 200-pound frame her videos immediately went viral.  Building off the recent media attention, Anowa raised and funded her first line of Comprehensive workout programs geared towards shedding weight and building a curvier physique.  Unbeknownst to many, Anowa was 4-months pregnant with her twin boys while shooting the videos which is a true testament of her strength.

Anowa’s transparency and relentless efforts to motivate and encourage women all over the world has helped her generate a following of over 2 million followers. Today Adjah continues to advocate self-love, acceptance, and optimal health. Anowa is also a well-respected motivational speaker who continues to encourage her audience to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams. Anowa’s company “Anowa Adjah Works” (formerly known as Powerhouse Physiques) has expanded to include: online training programs, fitness challenges, hosting and more. Anowa is working on a book and a national campaign towards improving positive self-esteem, body perception, and health amongst teens and college-bound girls.