CEO of Powerhouse Physiques,LLC., Master Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Creator of the Powerhouse Physiques DVD series, Zeta, and mother of twin boys, Anowa is setting the bar high for overachievers! Known to many as “The Nigerian Powerhouse” or “The First Full-Figured-Fitness Phenomenon, Anowa has set her sight on breaking numerous barriers in the industry.
“Anowa”was born Enewan Adjah in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. Descendant of Nigerian parents and kin to 2 sisters and 1 brother, Anowa was raised with high expectations.
In an effort to present a more thriving environment for Anowa and her siblings, her parents moved to Piscataway, New Jersey. Unfortunately the transition between the city and suburbs was difficult. Anowa was teased in school for her muscular frame and profound African features. At the tender age of 12 Anowa stood a staggering 5’7 inches and 140 pounds. Her distinct appearance segregated her from most of her peers. Consequently, Anowa expressed her dissent through confrontation and physical violence. As an alternative to her obstructive behavior, Anowa’s parents got her involved in Athletics. Ironically, she took a natural interest to sports, excelling in both Basketball and Track and Field. 
Immediately after graduating High school, Anowa attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she graduated with a degree in Public Relations.
Although she was a gifted journalist and marketing guru, Anowa was focused on breaking into the Entertainment industry. As a gateway into the Industry, Anowa fixed her sights on modeling because of her height and distinct features. Unfortunately, just as earlier childhood tribulations, many modeling companies rejected Anowa’s muscular,curvier physique. Never deterred, she attempted to contact fitness agencies anticipating a positive response however she was denied there as well. At that moment Anowa decided to create her own fitness company “Powerhouse Physiques,LLC.” which encourages women to”Lose the weight but keep their curves”! Rather than acclimating to the current fitness trend which considered “rail thin” models as Healthy and fit, Anowa created her own brand. Standing an astounding 5’10 inches, 212 pounds in superb shape, Anowa felt her journey would influence more people to broaden their minds on Fitness. Beyond business owner, Anowa also received her certification in personal training and group instruction.
Today, Anowa has created her first line of Powerhouse Physiques workout DVDs, which contains exercises for women looking to shed weight but sustain their curves. In addition to her DVDs, she created her own “PowerHouse Physiques Workout and Wellness Tour.” The tour travels to various cities promoting group classes that feature exercises from her upcoming Workout DVD “Lose The Gutt, Keep The Butt”. She also utilizes her tour to promote the message of Self-Acceptance, and Optimal Health.
In addition, her Fitness brand has expanded to aid mothers. Anowa gave birth to twin boys via c-section November 12, 2012. After her pregnancy she was able to shed 80 pounds and fix her Diastasis Recti ( which is the separation of lower abdominals muscles as a result of a multiple birth, carrying a large baby, or numerous pregnancies) utilizing her Powerhouse Physiques Techniques.
Anowa’s drive is fueled by her passion to Inspire women to look and feel better about themselves. Anowa sums up her journey by simply saying,” No one has a choice in their genetic makeup, however learn to accept your unique qualities as your blessings. – Anowa Adjah

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 ANNOUNCEMENT:Our next challenge in October will be the last challenge of 2016! People will have the option to go for 30 days or until December 9th(60 Days). This will be an awesome way to go into the new year! YOU MUST HAVE ALL 3 Workout DVDs to participate: Full Body Curve Down, Plyometric Pump, and Lose The Gutt/Keep The Butt ! Make sure you purchase the items on After the 30 Day mark you have the option to stop or continue on this #HealthAndWellness journey! Please send an email to with subject October Registration. YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED until you follow the Challenge Rules in the automated response email.  Real Life: As I stated before, after weighing myself today my current weight is 216 pounds at 5'10 inches. I remind everyone that my look is a preference with a dash of good genes. 216 pounds is not the ideal weight for every woman but it's no longer something to be ashamed of. There are plenty of women that are healthy and over 200 plus pounds. I've never been a fan of those ancient body weight charts . I recommend sticking to something more current such as the body mass index charts. DO NOT BECOME OBSESSED WITH THE SCALE! This is why! I remind everyone that I did not SnapBack after my twins 3 years ago via C-section. This took a tremendous amount of hard work and sacrifice. I plan on maintaining my weight with a high protein diet with a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates. Yes, I eat 5-6 times with a gallon of water everyday. I train 4-5 days a week utilizing heavier weight and lower reps with my lower body and focusing on more body weight exercises and moderate weight with my upper body! I do 30-60 min of cardio 1-2 times a week . Follow me at @anowaadjahfitness on Instagram or @anowaadjah more! Check out my Workout DVDs and products at #MomOfTwins #216pounds #YourCurvyTrainer

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