Fitness Professional, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Published Writer and Model, is there anything Anowa can’t do?! Known to many as “The Nigerian Powerhouse” or “The First Full-Figured-Fitness Phenomenon” , breaking barriers has become Anowa’s stronghold. Despite growing success, Anowa’s life has been far from easy. She has undergone immense odds due to her physical appearance and bold disposition. From a very early age, Anowa understood she would face many challenges in her quest towards stardom.

“Anowa” also known as Enewan Adjah  was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. A descendant of Nigerian Parents and kin to 2 sisters and 1 brother, Anowa was raised with high expectations.

In the effort of presenting a better environment for Anowa and her 3 siblings, her family moved to Piscataway, New Jersey, however the transition was difficult.  Anowa received much criticism from her peers for her muscular frame and profound African features. At the tender age of 12 Anowa stood a staggering 5’7 inches and 140 pounds. Her distinct appearance segregated her from most of her peers. Consequently,  Anowa expressed her dissent through confrontation and physical violence. As an alternative to her obstructive behavior, Anowa’s parents got her involved in Athletics. Ironically, she took a natural interest to sports, excelling in both Basketball and Track and Field.  In addition to Athletics, Anowa had a passion for Dance and vocal performance. Unfortunately, her father was not enthused, and was against her desire to enroll in a Performing Arts school. Never deterred, Anowa continued to perform in local talent shows and venues.

Through out High school Anowa continued to thrive as a performer and athlete. However, after a near fatal 3-week hospitalization from pneumonia Anowa redirected her energy towards sports and academics.

Immediately after graduating High school, Anowa attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Though still involved in Athletics, Anowa made the decision to focus all her energy towards dance performance.  Along with the assistance of 3 other dancers, Anowa co-founded the dance group,” By Any Means Necessary” and began performing all over the east coast. Through numerous performances and social activities Anowa became a popular name on Campus. Although Anowa participated in multiple social entities she desired to become part of an organization where she could inspire other women. In essence, in the fall of her junior year, Anowa became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Shortly after graduating with a degree in Public Relations, Anowa began modeling as an avenue into the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, just as her earlier childhood tribulations, many people rejected Anowa’s look. Despite the odds, Anowa remained determined! Through persistence, Anowa received her first gig as a promotional model at a hair and beauty expo. At the event Anowa was discovered by the editor of a national magazine. The editor encouraged her to compete in a natural beauty competition,” Anowa agreed and became a finalist. As a result of networking and exposure , Anowa has graced the pages of numerous publications. In addition, to her success as a model, she has received much praise as a writer and has had several articles published in national magazines.

Today Anowa is challenging the controversial theory on weight standards and health. Upon completing her Personal Trainer Certification amongst many others, Anowa’s mission to pave the way for full-figured women through fitness has obtained a well-deserved buzz on the net.

Currently, Anowa is working on her first series of workout DVDs ,which will have unique exercises targeted towards curvier women. In addition, she’s created her own “PowerHouse Workout, Wellness, & Empowerment Workshop” which travels to various cities promoting the message of Self-Improvement, Health and Wellness.

While branding “The Nigerian Powerhouse”,  Anowa has future aspirations of releasing an autobiography about her life. Her drive for fitness is fueled by her passion to Inspire women to look and feel better about themselves. Anowa sums her life simply by saying,” No one has a choice in their genetic makeup, however you have to learn how to accept your unique qualities as your blessings. – Anowa Adjah


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