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  • By Tiffany Willis - on

    I’ve been following your work (mostly via youtube) for a couple of years now. You’ve been one of my biggest inspirations of studying personal training. I’m 5’8 250lbs (mostly fat, lol) but I work out better than most athletes I know. My weight gain was the results of many doctors and many medications. I’m, believe it or not, am actually on my way back to my old body. Lost 75 lbs last year alone. Anyway, I’m following you on twitter and will be buying your powerhouse bundle soon. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. You are AWESOME! Keep up the wonderful work that you do!

  • By ANesshea - on

    Hello I just placed an order for both powerhouse dvds, I live in Pennsylvania & I was wondering how long will it take for me to receive them?? I just called the phone # on the site, & its just ringing

  • By Keetah Hudson - on

    Yes, When will you be in New York City- I want to pay for my DVD & T-Shirts at the event….

  • By ebvv - on

    Hello! I have both videos, Full Body Curve Down and Powerhouse Physiques, but I would like to download the, Meal Guide. Can you guys put it on her website in PDF file so I can download it since its free? Thank you! so much.

  • By Candis - on

    I recvd my dvds thank you! However I was jot able to download the workout schedule or the meal plan, how can I get a copy of these two items? I added them to the cart amd nothing happens.

  • By JAmila Rouse - on

    Hello. It would be nice if you would stop by Albany, Georgia please and thank you. I would definitely help to get some people to come.

  • By ERNESTINE - on

    I am wondering do you work with clients with pysical disabilities. I have Cerebral Palsy.

  • By Mrs. Sharmon Seals - on

    Hello Anowa, I ordered your full body curve down dvd and I just want to know if I can do the workout with bad knees. I have arthritis in both knees and both knees are a bit out of place. I really want to lose weight and get healthy. I haven’t eaten any meat since Jan 10, 2014 for health reasons, but have not lost any weight. Please help!

  • By Paulette Coney - on

    I received my dvd’s but no meal plan or workout schedule . are they being sent later or do I
    need to download them. Please let me know. Thank you

  • By Tazya - on

    Hey Soror, I added your meal plan and workout schedule to my cart, but I’m still not sure of jow to download it. Can you tell me how to get it? My husband purchased the DVDs and t-shirt last week and I just received it 🙂


    purchase the dvd series, however disappointed b/c both dvd’s seem to stop in the middle of the workout. I’ve tried calling the ph number listed on your website & nobody never answers. How do I go about getting a replacement on the dvd’s?


    I’m also having trouble downloading the meal & workout plan. Pls help. Your website says these downloads are free when you buy the series, yet their very difficult to obtain. Based on other’s post, it seems like I’m not the only one.

  • By Kasydra Pittman - on

    I just purchased the dvd combo but I don’t see how to download the meal plan and workout schedule. Please advise?

  • By Patricia White - on

    I have purchase the FBCD DVD, in order to participate in the 30 day challenge do I have to get the PP DVD as well? Please advise

  • By theresa - on

    Hello I received my dvd order today in the mail but I need to know how to download the meal and workout plan thxs theresa

  • By Jessica Mccloud - on

    I order the 2 dvds. I also include in my order the meal guide and workout plan. I did not receive these items with my dvds. Did I suppose to obtain them off the website? If so can you give me directions , the direct link, send it to me in my email as an attachment.  Wanted to start my 30 day challenge yesterday.  Please help!
    (New customer)

  • By Anonymous - on

    Dear Anowa,

    two weeks ago i purchased the bundle package (dvds and t-shirt)
    i did not know that i have to add the mealplean and workoutschedule to my card.

    so i do not have them. how can i get it?

    do i have to sent a prove that i purchased the dvd. hope to a reply soon.


    Joyceline Cornelia

  • By jeraldine - on

    Recieved dvd,s and t-shirt today ..did not recieve mealplan and workout schedule it was added to the cart. no link was sent to download anything could you please help me obtain this.. Thanks jerri

  • By Ugochi Iloka - on

    Can you tell me when you will have more videos in stock? Thanks trying to get the Bundle pack with shirt in XL New Mom trying lose my mommy pudge and weight for my Job. I’m a TV reporter right now not looking the part HELP!!

  • By Aisha Ealey - on

    I have been trying to order the bundle package WITH the T-shirt since early August. Is anyone able to provide an update on when the products will be back in stock and ready for purchase?? I’m eager to get started and trying not to get discouraged due to me not being able to purchase. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of good feedback with the workout DVDs! I’m Reaaaaady!!! #Fit #Fabulous

  • By Miss Anowa - on

    Log back in with the same purchase information and add meal plan and workout schedule to cart then check out! You will be provided with a link.

  • By Jackie M - on

    How do I sign up for the 30 day challenge?

    For everyone else, after you have ordered the workout schedule and meal guide, they will appear on the first emailed receipt. In about size 7 font, it says “click here to download”.

  • By Kyla Bingham - on

    I have the same question as Ernestine above. I have Multiple Sclerosis. My balance and mobility are severely limited. What suggestions or modifications could I do? There’s also the fact that with MS, one has to really be careful not to overheat or overstress the body. It can be very frustrating. Work out, but not too much. Work hard, but not too hard. I have a workout specifically for persons with MS, but sometimes I feel like it’s not doing much. I know something is better than nothing, but I wish I could do more.

  • By Anonymous - on

    I placed an order for the bundle on 8/30/14 but have not received a confirmation email. Please advise.

  • By tia - on

    My DVD’s and t-shirt was ordered at the end of June and sent out via the U. S. Postal service. The U. S. Postal has a note on their website stating that the package was delivered, but I never received it. The response from Anowa was that it is nothing she can do. I think that customers should have the option to require a signature and pay extra shipping, so they can track their packages better or ship via UPS for better customer service and a track record of delivering goods when they actually say they delivered the goods. I am still waiting for my t-shirt to come and has emailed Anowa, but no response. In my opinion, Anowa is not demonstrating good customer service which is sad, because I was really looking forward to receiving my DVD’s.

  • By Shellaine - on

    I downloaded the meal plan and the question that I have is what type of meal plan would you give someone that has a gluten allergy

  • By Mesha Cross - on

    I tried to order your series but it wouldn’t let me, is there a problem on my end or what?

  • By Anonymous - on

    I am wondering if you had any loose skin issues with your weight loss. I need to believe I can do this without going under the knife!

  • By Rhonda - on

    I follow you on fb. I ordered one of those waistbelts from Hy-bred advertised on your site. It came a size too small. I want to rtn it and exchange for a large. I have bn unsuccessful in contacting them via their info. Any suggesstions????

  • By DeAndre - on

    I put the song address with my order and quickly emailed the correct one, have not received a confirmation that my email was received

  • By JANAKI - on

    Hey…. I was wondering where can I get a waist trainer from and do I where while working out to your DVDs…. and also is it better to lose pounds or inches…I believe I’m losing more inches than anything.

  • By Tiffany - on

    Hi Anowa, I just ordered the Powerhouse Series and can’t wait to receive and start following the 4 week workout plan. Will you be in DC soon?

  • By Lecia Fall - on

    I purchased your powerhouse full body curve down and the Plyometric as a package and received 2 of the Plyometric instead of one of each. Please let me know how this can be fixed

  • By Omejia - on

    Hello I’m so thrilled to Join. I Can’t wait to receive my DvDs. However I’m trying to Download the Free Meal and Free Workout and its NOT Allowing me to. Can you please send details on how I can. Thanks

  • By Jasmine - on

    Hello I just ordered the 2 dvds and I was just wondering what is the shipping time on receiving those?

  • By Shawanda Morgan - on

    My husband just ordered the 2 dvds for me and he added the meal plan and the workout schedule but he did not download it because he thought it was coming in the mail. Is there any way that I can go back and download it?

  • By Amelia - on

    How do we order to bundle if the shirts are not in stock? I would like to order the bundle and just wait on the shirt

  • By Andrea - on

    Hello..I ordered the free meal and and workout last week, and assumed it would be emailed. Please let me know how to access the documents if they are not to be emailed. Thanks!

  • By Tonisha - on

    I’ve not even gotten half way through Full Body Curve Down and it’s already the best workout I’ve had in 5 years. Man, I’m drenched in sweat and I stink. Smh. During the lunges and tricep extensions, I’m sitting up here saying “I can’t do this, man”. All the while doing them. LOL I feel good and bad at the same time. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing results soon.

  • By Kiya McNeil - on

    Hello. I’ve purchased the bundle and added the meal and training guide. I placed them in my shopping cart and nothing happened. Please tell me how to access that information?

  • By Michelle - on

    Hello. I’ve just received the 2 Dvd’s and I’m keen to start, however I did not download the programme and meal plan at the time of purchase. Can you please let us know how this can be done.

  • By Bridgette Jasper - on

    Hello, I just received my Work Out DVD – “Thank You”! However I did add the Workout Schedule to my cart and I did not receive it. I saw on Facebook where you said you can download it also, I tried that and it would not allow me to download. Can you please send it to me or send me instructions on how to download it. Thank You!

  • By Jennifer Smith - on

    Greetings! I’m 11 weeks postpartum and have a severe diastasis recti tear. I’m very determine to heal my tear on my own and not turn to surgery. Can you please recommend the correct exercises to add to workout to help close my muscles? Looking at my belly hang in my lap is no depressing.

  • By Linda Giles - on

    Hello Anowa – just forwarded you an email to your gmail address. I will be attending your event in Atlanta, and wanted a few minutes to talk to you. I will include information. Thanks.

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