2 More Weeks until the start of our next 21-day challenge. We are finalizing the finishing touches of our online videos and group sessions. Don't miss out! Besides being the best value for your buck, you walk away with the tools to be successful on your own. Go to www.AnowaAdjah.com for details. If you have all 3 of my workout videos then register. Grocery list Meal prep tips Meal Guide Additional video workouts and more .  #transformationtuesday (Similar short hairstyle different appearance)I wanted to give you a clear example of how added weight can completely alter your appearance. The before picture was 8 months after I had my twin boys via C-section. As you can clearly see I was suffering from Diastasis Recti( Complete separation of the abdominal muscles as a result of a multiple pregnancy or a large baby). The condition can make you look 4-5 months pregnant. In addition, I was also left with a hernia. When you are diagnosed with Diastasis Recti the condition can always return. You have to make a consistent effort to train and eat right. In this picture I also weighed about 225 pounds.Having children will send your body into a whirlwind. I also looked about 10 years older then my After picture. After picture: This picture was taken a few months ago. I weighed 210 pounds and gave up all meat except for fish for 45 days. I lost some gains in my legs because I stayed away from heavy weight. I was happy to see you abs start to lean and pop. As you can see my Diastasis Recti was not really a factor. I look forward to addressing this issue with other mothers who are suffering from this condition. Please go to www.AnowaAdjah.com and check out my next workout challenge which kicks off September 6th.
 Good morning...  #LetterToYoungerSelf So I started promoting this project as a way for us to reflect on our past experiences and grow from them. Most of our current issues are much deeper than we realize. This is your opportunity to heal and grow. Thank you @nicolleroche for participating! #Repost @nicolleroche with @repostapp ・・・ Hey young girl, You lost big at a young age and that turned you into an angry teen and young adult but don't be so angry. It's ok to be hurt and have pain but don't live there; cry, yell, curse, process and move on. Some things you can never change. Your mom departed this world early and I know it hurts like hell to not remember the woman who gave you life but push through that pain, open up, find genuine friends and family to talk out that pain with, it will get better, time will heal that wound. It's ok that you had a baby young, you will still succeed, f the naysayers. Guess what you will have another baby and people will look down on you for that too, once again f the naysayers. You gave the world two kings, everyone can't do that, thank God for choosing you! Don't let the negative thoughts consume you. The devil will try to take your mind but God! You will have ups and downs but the ups will overshadow every down! Oh and the weight thing, you'll get over that! You won't ever be skinny but that's ok too, focus on being happy and healthy, love every single part of you. Oh those stretch marks, and scars, remember two kings! Don't allow the things others say destroy your self esteem, know your self worth. Honor the greatness within, God made you a black queen. Remember you are the original, all life begins with you. You will always be more than enough just as you are. It's ok to be single, don't feel a need to shield yourself from dealing with issues by entertaining people unworthy of your time and attention, focus on you, learn to love you, because you are dope! Don't alter yourself to fit into any man's vision of who you should be, be who you want to be, don't give up, push forward. The king that raised you, only deal with men as great as him, everyone else is just a distraction and takes time away from

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