Online Training –  “Anowa Adjah Works™” provides a consultation prior to online training services. Once confirmed you will receive 30-45 minutes of online training via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout! In addition, each training package comes with a personalized meal plan and assessment log. Contact “Anowa Adjah Works™” for your consultation today. Note there are very limited slots available.

Workout Group Classes – Anowa has Sold Out exercise group classes all over the country. As a former professional dancer and a seasoned fitness professional, her classes are fueled with upbeat dance movement mixed with a foundation of body sculpting exercise moves. Also, Anowa ends each class with a brief empowerment engagement session. Be prepared to workout, dance, and be inspired!

Motivational Speaking – Aside from getting people fit and healthy, Anowa has a strong desire to inspire people through her words. For many years, Anowa has volunteered in numerous community programs encouraging women and men to develop a strong work ethic and drive for a more accurate aim at success. In an effort to master her talent as a professional speaker and communicator, Anowa has taken collegiate classes in public speaking and journalism. Through her inspiring story and career achievements Anowa has had the honor to speak at several High School and College graduation commencements. In addition, her motivational speaking talents has taken her to  Health and Wellness Expos all over the country.

Host – As a motivational speaker with an outgoing personality, she has had the opportunity to host events all over the country. Whether she sustains a professional ambiance or keeps a crowd engaged, hosting has become  major asset to her brand.