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Before I started training with Anowa, I had the goal in my mind to just tone up a little, get in shape and start leading a healthier lifestyle. I can honestly say that I have far exceeded the expectations of the goals I set and more! Anowa really pushed me to reach my goals; thinking outside the box and having me work out like I never thought I could do before.


I came across Anowa while searching the web for a full-figured female fitness trainer. I learned of Anowa’s abilities via her YouTube videos. I was so happy to know that such a person existed and was amazed at her level of fitness and flexibility, something I have always wanted to achieve. But even more than that I was impressed with her willingness, no her INTENSE ENTHUSIASM, for sharing what SHE has been able to achieve with OTHERS.


Since late this past summer I’ve said its time to “Get My Me Back”! This just meant simply to focus on a happier and healthier Danielle. I reached out to Anowa Powerhouse Physiques for help to jump start a new lifestyle. I wanted to shed some weight and just have more energy during day. My workouts with Anowa aren’t like any other she really loves helping people see push past the “I Can’t” and her energy/motivation gets me thru our session. Anowa encourages you at any size to live a healthy life, love the skin your in and embrace every natural curve. 😉